10 Ways to Sleep More Soundly
10 Ways to Sleep More Soundly

Sleep better with Dr. Delights’ all-natural strategies.

Sleep more soundly tonight! Simple habits can help tune your chemistry for better rest.

Make your bed.

Make your bed for better rest

Neatness counts! It’s sleep psychology.

Research sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation says that when beds are tidier, people sleep better.

Sleep at the right temperature.

Sleep at the best temperature for good rest

Adults generally sleep best at about 65° F. If you become too chilled, your muscles shiver in an effort to become warm. If you overheat, sweating can keep you awake.

To help regulate your body temperature in bed, layer your bed with a choice of covers.

Exercise every day.

Exercise each day for better rest at night

Aerobic exercise can help you sleep more soundly. It chases away stress hormones and helps extend the recuperative “slow wave” stage of sleep.

Schedule your sleep time.

Schedule your sleep time for a better shot at good rest

Consistent nod-off and wake-up times help you sleep more soundly.

For the best results tune your circadian rhythm to wake with the sunrise.

As the next tips explain, people are solar-powered…

Stay in touch with the Sun.

Throughout your day, keep sunlight in view. Sensing the Sun’s position helps regulate your internal clock for sounder sleep later on.

Work in natural light when possible, and take breaks outdoors if you work inside.

Work with natural light for better rest later

In the evening, set your devices to night mode.

Computers and mobile phones are usually dominated by blue light, which our bodies associate with daytime. Night mode lets warmer wavelengths dominate. These help prime your body for its own “night mode” with a surge in that important sleep hormone, melatonin.

Night mode on digital devices can help prime your body for sleep

Watch the sunset.

Watch the sunset to prime your body for sleep

The warm light of sunset helps tune your chemistry for sound sleep. Most important, it signals your pineal gland that it’s time to produce more melatonin. This hormone naturally surges with the onset of darkness to help your body sleep more soundly.

Sleep without light.

Sleep better without any lights

Even a small streak of light can chase melatonin away.

If you can’t choose a darkened room, wear an eye mask to improve your shot at sounder sleep.

Listen to gentle rhythmic sounds.

Listen to nature soundtracks for sounder sleep

Listening to gentle and repetitive sound is a classic strategy to sleep soundly. The steady stream of soundwaves masks irregular, disruptive environmental noise.

Run a fan or play a nature soundtrack for more restful nights.

Sip non-alcoholic nightcaps.

Alcohol might make you sleepy, yet buzzed brainwaves tend to prevent sound sleeping.

Try replacing alcoholic drinks with sedating teas or tinctures. Our Snooze tincture has chamomile and THC to help people sleep soundly.

Zzz… ~ dr.delights

Chamomile teas and tinctures support sound sleep