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Delta-8 THC research summaries and links
Delta-8 THC Research
Delta-8 THC Research Peer-reviewed studies of delta-8 THC and pain, cancer, memory & more     Delta 8 vape pen
Research about inflammation and THC
Inflammation and THC
For millennia cannabis has helped ease inflammation. Now science explains how it works! Inflammation can be a friend who isn’t sure when to quit. When it gets too intense, THC may help provide balance… but how? Read on for studies of inflammation and THC. Also below is a quick intro to your body’s endocannabinoid system....
Anxiety and THC
Does delta-9 THC increase or decrease anxiety? It could go either way! Science says that THC may behave differently depending on its company or “entourage.” Inspired by science, dr. delights™ offers vape pens and tinctures with different ratios of THC and CBD to help people get different outcomes.   About Anxiety How common are anxiety...
Fresh vegetables and a chalkboard with the words "Diabetes and THC"
Diabetes and THC
THC is tied to challenges & benefits for bodies with diabetes. A challenge of using cannabis responsibly is appetite stimulation:  THC can unlock your cookie monster! But you can tame the munchies with the right cannabis extracts, and a big benefit may be better weight management and diabetes prevention. What is diabetes? Diabetes refers to...
Multiple Sclerosis and CBD
CBD may help people manage pain, spasms and other effects of MS. Multiple sclerosis (MS) means many scars.  MS is an autoimmune disorder. It breaks down healthy myelin, making it scarred instead of smooth. Myelin covers cells in the eyes and central nervous system. It protects them from damage, similar to how enamel is insulation...
A woman breaking a tobacco cigarette
Addictions and CBD
CBD may fight addictions to alcohol, cocaine, nicotine and other substances. Like Chuck Norris, CBD can fight them all! But why does it work? CBD (cannabidiol) seems to work with receptors for diverse chemicals. Researchers say it can work with receptors for alcohol, dopamine, opioids and more. We also know that CBD can help promote...
Broken Bones and CBD
Studies link CBD to better and faster bone healing. It’s darn delightful science! Cannabidiol (CBD) seems to speed the healing of broken bones. Studies also suggest that CBD helps build stronger bonds; it can leave your bones better fortified. Read on for studies of broken bones and CBD.
A heart-shaped bowl of fruit with blood sugar monitor and blood sugar tracking chart
Diabetes and CBD
CBD or cannabidiol may be useful in diabetes prevention and management. It seems to help regulate insulin and appetite…
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