All-natural cannabis tincture
Cannabis Tincture Dosing Guide

How much cannabis tincture is best for you?

This quick guide can help you find your ideal dose.

One Serving dr. delights Tincture = 5Ml = ½ Dropper

Basically, Start Small

When tincture supplies are delightfully unlimited, people start with large doses and notice benefits quickly. This happens in hospital studies of CBD, for example.

But for most people, starting small makes sense. Find your lowest effective dose and get the most from each bottle!

  • Try half a serving. With dr. delights tincture, that’s 2.5 ml.
  • Wait. Short-term benefits of CBD and THC may appear within two hours.
  • Take more if desired. If the half-dose seems ineffective, finish the serving.

Relax CBD tincture

More Tincture Tips

  • Try multiple doses/day. Instead of taking one larger dose, try microdosing with THC or CBD tincture twice or more per day.
  • Diet matters. Fats from foods such as avocados, cheese, nuts and yogurt can slow your metabolism of cannabis tinctures.
  • Be patient. Testimonials suggest that some benefits of CBD might not show for up to two weeks of consistent tincture dosing.
  • Expect different needs. Your best tincture dosing may change with time. This is partly because CBD and THC work with your immune system and other fundamental systems that fluctuate.