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Diabetes and THC

THC is tied to challenges & benefits for bodies with diabetes.

A challenge of using cannabis responsibly is appetite stimulation:  THC can unlock your cookie monster! But you can tame the munchies with the right cannabis extracts, and a big benefit may be better weight management and diabetes prevention.

About diabetes, sugar and THC | drdelightsWhat is diabetes? Diabetes refers to trouble creating or using the hormone insulin. Insulin helps people metabolize carbohydrates; it helps separate sugar molecules from carbs, setting them free to fuel your body.

What are risks of diabetes? A diabetic person can have dramatically high levels of blood sugar… and a body with high blood sugar can’t perform well for long. Some related risks are blindness, kidney failure and nerve damage.

How might THC help people with diabetes? THC may help people manage complications of diabetes such as blood vessel inflammation and pain. It may also help control appetite and prevent the onset of diet-related disease.

dr.delights makes it easy to combine THC with CBD to bring pain relief without the munchies.

Delta-9 THC, Bodyweight and Diabetes Research

American Journal of Medicine. 2013 July. “The impact of marijuana use on glucose, insulin, and insulin resistance among US adults.”

Marijuana users tend to have healthier body weights compared with non-users. This seems to be a medical fact… but why? This Harvard-based study of nearly 5,000 people tested the idea that cannabis regulates insulin levels. With less insulin, your body is less susceptible to sugar cravings.

Participants fasted for nine hours. After fasting, current cannabis users had 16% lower insulin levels compared with non-users. They also showed significantly better resistance to insulin in a widely-used lab test.

The researchers noted that the heaviest participants were those who’d never used cannabis.

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