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dr. delights CBD Coffee Recipes

Cannabis and caffeine! Make CBD coffee with Pure CBD tincture.

At cafes across the USA, coffee with CBD is a popular menu item. California eateries aren’t part of the action, but of course, you can make CBD coffee at home.

Mix CBD tincture into regular coffee or make gourmet CBD coffee drinks with our recipes below.

About CBD Pure

CBD Pure tincture is avocado oil infused with full-spectrum CBD. It tastes mild and works well with countless recipes.

One serving (5 ml) is roughly one teaspoon. It’s 5 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD.

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Lavender CBD Latte

When you really need to relax – but must caffeinate as well – make lavender CBD coffee.

Recipe for one serving

The Formula

  • 1 shot espresso
  • 1 cup hemp milk, soy milk or other milk (plain or vanilla)
  • Lavender syrup to taste (available on Amazon)
  • One teaspoon dr. delights CBD Pure tincture
  • Lavender flower as an optional garnish


  1. Brew espresso.
  2. Steam ¾ cup of milk.
  3. Combine espresso and steamed milk in a mug.
  4. Add dr. delights CBD Pure and lavender syrup to the drink.
  5. Heat remaining ¼ cup of milk until it reaches a low boil.
  6. Whisk milk in its saucepan until it foams.
  7. Pour foam onto drink.
  8. Garnish saucer with lavender flowers.