Foods that fight pain from A to Z
dr. d’s ABCs of Foods that Fight Pain

Fight Pain Naturally with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Get inspired with examples from A to Z.

Read on for suggested foods and learn why they’re helpful. Recipes are included.


Avocados are “superfood” because they’re rich with nutrients… but what gives avocados their power?

Oleic acid in avocados fights cytocines, which are small proteins behind inflammation. Vitamin E and lutein also help explain why avocados can help you feel better.

Recipes: These health-conscious recipes take less than 15 minutes each.

Avocados on a plate


Blueberries are colored by anthocyanins. These pigments protect plants from UV rays. They seem to protect people from cell inflammation.

The same pigments are in cherries, raspberries, black rice and other dark natural foods.

Recipe: Anti-Inflammatory Blueberry Smoothies