What is vaping?
“Vaping” is short for vaporizing. It’s a lower-temperature alternative to smoking. A vaporizer battery heats material to its boiling point instead of its combustion (burning) point. This lets molecules escape without breaking down as they would if smoked.
What are disposable cannabis vape pens?
Disposable vape pens are designed for convenience. They're sold ready-to-use; you won’t need to assemble parts or charge a battery. In contrast, non-disposable vape pens have separable parts (a mouthpiece, a battery and an oil cartridge) and require occasional charging.
How pure is dr. delights vape oil?
Our vape oils are 100 percent natural and filler-free. We source GMO-free cannabis from California farms. We test the plants for purity, and then extract the oil in our own labs. Independent testing centers in Santa Cruz and Oakland double-check each batch of dr. delights products.
How many doses are in a dr. delights vape pen?
Each dr. delights pen provides 100 doses of CBD and/or THC. The pens are calibrated to release 2 mg of cannabinoids each time you inhale.
What is full-spectrum CBD?
The difference between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD may be important. CBD isolate is CBD completely on its own. Full-spectrum CBD keeps the compound with many of its buddies (minus THC) from the original plant. We make full-spectrum CBD oil because studies suggest that CBD is most effective with its natural teammates or “entourage.”
Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes, we stand by our products 100 percent! Please contact Herer Group Customer Service at 831-200-1743 or by email if you have a concern.
Which dispensaries sell dr. delights?
Our cannabis pens, tinctures and salve are sold in dispensaries throughout California. See our Store Locator.
How can retailers order dr. delights?
Licensed dispensaries can set up accounts by calling 831-200-1743 or using the form at HererGroup.com/contact.
Is vaping cannabis in public legal?
No, vaping cannabis in public is not legal in California.
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Elevate Vape Pen
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