A woman blowing soap bubbles
10 Ways to Relax Instantly

Ease anxiety and find your easygoing self today…

Read a book.

Relax naturally with a book

Why does it work? Getting into position, you relax your body. Immersing in the writer’s world, you leave worries behind. Reading can also help you solve personal problems, stay sharp and connect with others.

Sing an uplifting song.

When worry strikes, singing is an easy way to relax. It works as temporary distraction and reduces the flow of cortisol, a stress hormone. Maybe try a custom version of “My Favorite Things.”

Relax instantly with positive music

Pet a sweet animal.

Connecting with animals helps people relax

Relax instantly by petting a cat or dog. The touch infuses your body with oxytocin, a chemical associated with bliss. The sweet bonding also helps reduce cortisol, which eases anxiety and lowers blood pressure. Purrrr.

Spend time in sunshine.

Sunning your body is a free way to relax instantly. Sunlight helps your body create serotonin, which helps regulate anxiety and prevent depression. Most people should catch rays for five to 15 minutes each day.

Relax naturally with a walk in sunshine

Plant a relaxing environment.

Relax naturally by filling your home with plantlife

When you feel blue, add green! Potting a plant can instantly relax your body by reducing blood pressure. Just seeing indoor plants can help prevent stress too.

Blow soap bubbles.

Blowing soap bubbles creates a moment of calm. Slowly exhaling relaxes your body. Watching the rainbow-tinted spheres helps calm the mind. Involve pets or other people for extra smiles.

Relax instantly with soap bubbles

Use essential oils.

Relax instantly with help from essential oils

Essential oils give plants their aromas. They can influence your body because receptors aren’t only in the nose: Your skin, kidneys and other organs have smell receptors too! Lavender, a calming oil, is in our Relax and Snooze cannabis tinctures and vape pens.

Write a limerick.

Unwind by writing a funny rhyme. The creative process can relieve stress, and the outcome can make you smile!

Unwind by writing a limerick

Listen for “vitamin sea.”

Relax instantly by listening to ocean waves

Hearing calm ocean waves is a natural way to relax and move toward a meditative state. Our brains interpret the rhythmic input as a “non-threat.” Hear the ocean anytime with free online soundtracks, or make a nature mix at websites like soundsleeping.com.

Keep a journal.

When stress strikes, write it off. Expressing your feelings can be cathartic and calming. Even better, keeping a diary long-term can reveal patterns in your life. Recognizing these patterns can help you make decisions that lead to lower-stress days.

Calm your mind with journaling

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