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Hacking The Endocannabinoid System
It seems like people are turning to cannabis for just about everything these days, but how can one plant be so multi-purpose? It can perk you up, but can also promote sleep. It can stimulate appetite, but also help you stay trim. How is it that cannabis can work in so many different ways? The...
dr.delights Sweeps Up Five Awards At 2019 WeedCon Cup
LOS ANGELES, Calif., June. 20, 2019 – dr. delights, a Herer Group brand, took home five awards on Thursday at WeedCon West, the premier B2B cannabis education and networking event in Southern California. dr. delight’s winning entries included products from their line of outcome-specific formulas for sleep and pain, as well as their 1:1 ratio...
No Fools: dr.delights Makes Cannabis Predictable
Outcome-focused formulas help people perk up, relax & sleep… all according to plan The old “Fool me once” adage gets cannabis into trouble. Nowadays people are increasingly curious about using cannabis for wellness, but some stay on the sidelines with memories of side effects. Will it make them sleepy? Paranoid? Lost? As one baby boomer...
A woman blowing soap bubbles
10 Ways to Relax Instantly
Ease anxiety and find your easygoing self today… Read a book. Sing an uplifting song. Pet a sweet animal. Spend time in sunshine. Plant a relaxing environment. Blow soap bubbles. Use essential oils. Write a limerick. Listen for “vitamin sea.” Keep a journal. Check out all-natural Relax tinctures and vape pens.
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